The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Hello friends! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything, a hiatus should be expected every so often, but I continue!

I’ve been excited to read this book for a long time, my local bookstore had it on sale for a few months and I’d been going back and forth on if I should get it or not, due to my not knowing when I’d get the chance to read it! I’m sure all readers know the struggle of having a too-long tbr, never knowing what to read first.
I was picking up the last 4 books of Game of Thrones that I needed to complete my collection and decided, why not!? And thus, this book came into my possession.
This review is going to be miles better than my previous ones, since I plan on completing it right after I finish it, unlike previous reviews.

A short spoiler free blurb I can give you is as follows, all in my own words!

When the book begins, we are met at an Inn, night time. The Waystone Inn, owned by (unbeknownst to us at the current moment) our main character Kote.
Chapter one begins with a few boys, telling stories and talking of creatures named The Chandrian. At this moment, said creatures will not mean a lot to us until about 30% of the way in. Shortly after there is a knocking, there’s been a demon attack, a man and his horse, only the man lived. This strikes the men as a strange occurance, mostly due to the fact that this certain type of demon always travel in packs, the man that survived claims there was only one demon.

A chapter or so later, we meet a character named at first, The Chronicler, though his true name doesn’t matter a whole lot.
He is thrown into the story at an interesting moment, he’s being robbed, but it is without a doubt the most civil robbery I’ve ever read/witnessed!
The Chronicler is on his way to a nearby city to listen and record a story for a rather famous nobleman. It is his job to record stories, like a reporter of an ancient kind, hense his name, the Chronicler. However on his way, he stops into the Waystone Inn.
Shortly after the arrival of The Chronicler, it is revealed to us that the owner of the Inn known as Kote, is actually a very famous master of the Arcane, young prodigy, known hero and criminal across the land, Kvothe. The Chronicler demands to hear his story, a story that Kvothe never intended to tell. His identity stayed hidden for many years, and he is believed dead by most. As you read on, you will find that Kvothe is quite the cheeky bastard, so of course he agreed under a few conditions, and that is how our story begins.

Kvothe’s story is one of love, hope, death, and destruction, not to mention revenge. It is not one to be missed. Not that I claim to be any kind of authority on the do’s and don’ts of the fantasy genre (though someday I hope to be).
Patrick Rothfuss is also such a genuinely amazing person? He deserves all the credit he has recieved.

The book is well written, to put it lightly.
Me personally, I gave it 4 stars out of 5.
I couldn’t really tell you why it’s not a 5 star read, I suppose I just felt that it was missing something, but do not let my opinion discourage you, I still recommend it in the highest, and I’m running out to buy book two basically right this second, for this series I’m not going to mind the wait!


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