Dante’s Peak — Movie Review

Okay so, obviously what I said in my last post about this being for book reviews was only a partial contradiction, but it is still funny that my first *official* post would be a movie review.

The synopsis according to IMDB goes as follows:

“Volcanologist Harry Dalton (Pierce Brosnan) and Mayor Rachel Wando (Linda Hamilton), finally convince the unbelieving populace that the big one is about to hit and that they need to evacuate immediately, only to discover her two children have gone up the mountain to get their grandmother. With Earth’s clock racing against them, they must rescue the kids and grandma before the volcano explodes in a fury of flame and ash a million times more powerful than an atomic bomb.”

So, where do I begin?

You should know from the start, I’ve loved this movie since childhood and tonight my mom and I decided to re-watch it for the heck of it, she just bought Amazon Prime and she’s checking out the movies and TV shows that they offer through their own media service. So that one comes up, and the 2 things I always remembered were: #1. That dog Lucky is one tough bitch and, #2: The one that scarred my childhood brain permanently was remembering that the grandma in the movie who happens to be Linda Hamilton’s character’s mother in law, at some point in the movie jumps into a lake of acid to make sure that her grand-kids, Pierce Brosnan & Linda Hamilton’s characters make it out of the acid lake alive (which they were travelling over on a tin row boat, basically). Yeah her legs were burnt in colors I just couldn’t un-see.

But after re-watching those scenes again now, I probably love the movie just as much, which is, quite a bit. My favorite scene is still when Lucky comes back, I was worried about her the whole time, mostly because memory can be very unreliable, but either way I screamed. After grandma is laid to rest, the group tries to make their way back to the town of Dante’s Peak, when they encounter a mountain pass which the road itself is covered in molten lava, they try to cross (which obviously is unrealistic) and somehow make it after the truck’s wheels set on fire about 3 times. After the cross, they see Lucky, she’s all burnt and roughed up but she’s moving on her own and I am disgustingly pleased, that’s all I cared about basically the whole movie.

The other thing that is seriously to-die-for in this movie is the scenery, and the special effects are phenomenal as well, for 1997, it’s been a lot worse!

I’m not sure how to end this so I’ll quit while I’m ahead. Prepare yourselves, more crap is coming your way!


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